Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Emergence, emerging

After many years of musing, and some well directed prods from Carlton, I am finally going 'public' with Project Timeline, as it shall henceforth be known.

What is Project Timeline?

Big wooblie vision answer....

A directory of human action, accessed via a map and a timeline.

Slightly more detailed but still somewhat aspirational answer....

An emergent history of human achievements in the Arts and Science. A forum for passionate skeptical enquiry into the nature of innovation and progress, the connections between individuals, movements, memes, paradigms and dogmas. A place where communities of enthusiasts can tend to the gardens of their favoured people, places, eras and ideas; debate over minutiae and the fundamentals; discover what lies over the fence in the garden next door; float into the sky to survey the vast, expanding complex of intellectual horticulture.

Grounded, starting point answer (with thanks to Carlton for grabbing my ankles and pulling me out of my whimsical tree)....

A set of data points about the activities of Louis Armstrong up to 1930, to work out how, what, where, when and, probably most importantly, to attract some 'who' to do some weeding for us.

First Deadline - August 6th

Things I need to do before then -

1 - Input lots of lovely data into a spreadsheet
2 - Do lots of sketches of what I want it to look like and how it should work
3 - Send 1) and 2) to Carlton so he can tell me how simple this will all be to program.